Do you think you are an Ultra-Sensitive Empath? Join me, Marla Goldberrg, as I welcome Dr. Emil Faithe to explain what an Ultra-Sensitive Empath is. Dr. Emil Faithe is an internationally recognized Medical Intuitive, Author, Speaker, and Sensitive Person Guru. I asked Dr. Emil Faithe to be on the podcast because I was interested in learning about his new book “You Are Sensitive!” 2nd edition and what he does as a Medical Intuitive.

The Sensitive Files - You Are a Sensitive Empath

Do you feel the sadness, depression, anger, and pain of other people? Are you having a tough time dealing with these negative feelings and emotions? You are not alone. You are an ultra-sensitive!


Juicing With The Faithes

Dr. Emil and Sue teach you how to juice for better health

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