"I’m reading Dr. Faithe’s book “You Are Sensitive!” 2nd edition, recommended by Maureen Hancock. What a treasure!!!" — L.P.

"Dr. Faithe is the Gold Standard when it comes to medical intuitives!" — L.P.


“This man is the Holy Grail that I have been searching for my entire life. He “gets it”!! He knows me! He knows US!... His wisdom and Beingness seem to be the hope for many empaths and Ultra-Sensitives like myself.” — S.W.C.

“When I saw you interviewed by Lee Carroll talking about the ultra-sensitive empaths, I burst into tears while you were talking … tears of release and joy about being recognized” — E. B. in Switzerland


"Dr. Emil and Sue are like a mash unit for ultra-sensitives like me. . . right there to repair you in the middle of life's chaos. You are truly an awesome team!" — T.W., Phoenix, AZ

"Susan, I just wanted you to know my husband is doing so much better!! He actually slept 3 nights in a row now, something unheard of. . . . You are our new 'Emergency Room'!!" — S.K.

"I was in a lot of pain for a while. I had little to no energy for years. I was cancelling plans with family and friends. I was falling asleep during movies. I went to a number of doctors. I had endoscopies done, ruled out arthritis and was finally given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Then I learned about Dr. Emil. He listed a number of things that were wrong with my health. Half of the things he listed my doctors told me over the years, the other half the doctors missed completely… I know what it feels like to go from doctor to doctor with no real results. I'm just one satisfied customer. Emil and Sue are angels passing along blessings." — Yvonne, Albuquerque, NM

"Sue, while you were performing my energy clearing session I could actually feel you working inside my head. It was the coolest sensation, and I felt completely renewed afterward. Nothing short of phenomenal. Thank you for your amazing gifts!" — L.C.

"Dr. Emil — I am still in awe that you were able to be that specific and that correct on every point you made in your reading. Really, your gifts are so rare, that to be completely honest I did not know it was possible to be that accurate. Everything you said matched my last medical results." — P.E., Sedona, AZ

"I noticed a huge improvement in my mood after an energy session with Susan...I couldn't snap out of my gloomy mood....I can't believe how great I feel! Thank you!" — C.R.

"Sue, when you worked on me remotely I felt like you were vacuuming my aura. . . my body was jerking all over and my neck was being pushed from side to side. What an incredible energy treatment! Best ever." — J.C., Baltimore, MD

"When Dr. Emil was tuning into my energy fields for my medical intuitive reading, I could actually feel his energy inside my body as he was scanning it. That was quite amazing!" — Dave C.

"I experienced a spontaneous healing two weeks after my appointment with Dr. Emil. I've never had anything like that! It was unbelievable!" — D.G.

"While Sue was working on me remotely, I felt thousands of attachments flying out the door, my digestion was suddenly better, I felt a whirling energy leaving my legs and torso, and hooks being pulled out of my lungs and chest, where I had been having chronic symptoms. I've never experienced anything like this before. Utterly phenomenal!" — D.O., Cottonwood, AZ

"Dr. Emil and Sue literally saved my life. . . . I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for these two!" — Jamie T.

"Dr. Emil figured out what was wrong with me in one session when it took my other naturopathic doctors forever, and they still couldn't figure me out. I am so grateful!" — Patty M.